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Got a real sick Pic of your fave rider doin the dirt or champin the Big Air??
Put all the good details in the form below , press Send, and I'll make a link to the pic with whatever caption, 25 words or less, and create a hot-link back to the website it comes from. Sweet? Ok,, Have at it below...

All Fields essential although
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E-Mail Address:This is important in case of questions n such also the script won't run without it!

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URL of Photo:This is the important one!
We need the exact URL of the Image itself. NOT the page but the Image Location.
For example, this image has an address, of   -- http://www.applecreek.com/pointup.gif -, copy/paste the address in your location bar , click GO and see what I mean. Ok?

URL of Website:The hot-link back to your website, so when you click on the pic it takes the viewer there.

Caption for photo: for example, a text description of who the rider is, where he/she is ridin', equiptment used etc.


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