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Boulder City BreakDown !!
We'd like to give a BIG THANKS to David Anderson at XTREMEWHEELZ for the photos on this page.

Sick dirt 'n Xtreme Air...

Pher jams 4/21/01    Day of the Event,
practice session is early in the morning and I managed to get there with the earlybirds . Rick Wilson and Dave Anderson from XtremeWheelz are watching us like hawks. This hawk spots a huge Stalefish.

To go or not to go? That was the question.....click for more..
In progress Grabbin' Method
Tuck knee, grab underside, Oh No!! 'Watch out for that Rock!'
Sick Stalefish!
Holding Big and Smooth on a hot day in Boulder City. This Pic was used by XTreme Wheelz for their ad on the back cover of issue #3 of O.R.B. Magazine

First Run

We step out of the car all tired from sitting for the last 6 hours. Take a look up the hill and there is mountain-boarder flying back n forth , berm to berm, then a couple a rollers then to the next berm, oooooh... he goes down tumbling.That looks painful!! Then we start the first ascent, checking the track as we go, tripping from one rock to the next we notice the track itself was just as gnarly. As we shake our heads in disbelief, the next rider flies by, this time, doing it perfect.
Maybe it is easy. After making our way to the top , checking every berm and jump we see, we see this cool roll-in platform made of wood, thanks to MBS. One side was somewhat steep, while the other, nice and gradual. The steep route seemed the way to go. I rolled in, first digging the front right tire in order to make the first berm, then switch over to heel-side to make the next berm. Clunk, chunk, kaclunk, rocks hit the trucks and slow you down to a damn near stop! Motion your body forward and get ready for the first double. Pull up the front end and pump hard down the backside of the lip, to the landing-roller where you pump up the speed you need to make it down the rest of the track, for except the last few wall-ride berms which were to high for the XT's to make. But we still champed them, eventually.

keep a rollin rollin rollin....
Photo by Zack Heise -Courtesy of DirtboardX.com

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