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Dirtheads eat dirt 24/7
Eat Dirt 24/7 !


As of a week and a half ago Kratka was in good to great
shape. Raked from top to bottom, the run was good,
 albeit a bit sketchy after the helicopter pad but still very
There is also a great run at Mt. Waterman, Kratka's sister
 mountain about four miles down the road (or before
 Kratka if you are coming up the two from L.A.). There is a
lift running ($5 a ride, or a day, or something) and
services a small lodge at the top before a fast and dusty
two and a half mile service road downhill. The lift has been
running all Summer for tourists, mountain bikers, and,
best of all, mountain boarders. Hope to see you there, I
 doubt you will be disappointed.
  In terms of camping, there is a campground

And most of the Dirtheads will be there!
Also known as Waterman
Site 1,trailmap,Site 3,road map,2nd road map

1st Annual Cloud 9 Festival

Pikes Peak BMX Track in Colorado Springs on September
8, 2001.
This race is being spearheaded by the factory hands at
MBS. They've got a slew of sponsors lined up including a
pizza joint that will have food availible at the gig. It
should be fun.

The track has a place in racing history. It's the spot that
the early races in 1994 were held at. It's a technical
track. You've got to work the whoops and berms to
advance as it's vertical drop is not very much. You've
seen it in all the MBS videos to date.

Entry fees are $10. Registration is from 9am-1030 and
start time is scheduled for noon. Contact Josh at
719-572-0916 for more information.

I hope all of you can make it out to Colorado for a
change. We've been travelling to California, the East
Coast, Midwest and beyond for years. It'd be nice to
have you in our backyard for a change.

If you've got a few days we'll do a tour of the Colorado
riding spots.

"Dirtheads Hawaii Bash"
September 26,27,28,29
Kualoa  Ranch "Mountainboard park"
More details to follow

CANCELLED  ON 07/16/01
AUGUST 1 -5, 2001
Freestyle Mountain Boarding
Top freestyle mountain boarders of the world compete
on a 4 jump dirt course one at a time performing their best
and most difficult aerials in 3 sessions being judged by 6 judges.

 Midwest Race Series

July 14th in Minneapolis, MN at Buck Hill Resort.
July 15th in Des Moines, IA at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

Buckhill Resort, located in the suburbs of St Paul, MN is well known
for its
winter racing program, not to mention producing Olympians.

Buckhill’s Mountainboard Development Team is open to all riders over
age 9,
this program teaches proper mountain boarding techniques, use of safety
(helmet, elbow pads, etc). 2 hour coaching sessions will teach riders
balance, cornering and aerial skills. Program runs for 8 Tuesdays, from
12th through August 7th. Program times are from 5:00pm to 7:00pm each
(except July 3rd). Program costs are $130 for team/coaching fees and
$30 for
board rentals.

Courses are open Wed 4-8pm, Thurs 4-8pm and Sat 9-12am. I am currently
lobbying to have these runs named after Mitch Stegall and Mike Stewart,
course designers. I have a feeling some locals there are going to be
when they ride this gift horse.

Rentals available for $6 (MBS Comp 16's, Comp26's, Sol16's and Grom 6's
6 Outback Mountainboards). Includes pads, no helmet (no helmet, no

Handle-tow ticket is $10.

Mountainboard hotline (952) 435-7174, # 721 or call Tom Schulz # 709.
about Season Mountainboard / BMX Pass.


Located in Des Moines,  situated in the Iowa backcountry a few miles
Interstate 80.

Barry Manilow writes the songs and Mitch Stegall designs the courses.
Rollers, Table Tops, Big Air Jump and Triple Jumps, his 1000ft Dirt
Park was
designed for the worlds best riders, especially the lower section. The
middle section drops you off at high speed into a series of dirt jumps.
Beginners and Intermediate riders can enjoy a 700 ft grass free riding
and the Dirt Park with the use of a brake.

Quad Chair runs Fri, Sat and Sun 4-8pm and costs $10-15.

Rental cost is 2hr - $5, 4hr - $10 (Grom 6’s, Sol 16’s, Razors, Blades
Comp16, Comp26 all come equipped with V3 Brake).

The fella’s at Sleepy Hollow like to play in the dirt. The next great
might get his start in Iowa. These guys were ‘shucking’ themselves down
course. I was impressed. If you’re ever near Des Moines, make sure you
in and pay your respects to one of the newest members of the
Resort family.

Sleepy Hollow is hosting a Freestyle and Boardercross race on July
2001. Support the Sport and stop and compete if your traveling west
the East Coast Finals.

For more information, contact Rick Flatt at 515-262-4100.
Patrick McConnell
MBS Mountainboards Inc.
410 1/2 East Fillmore Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
(719) 884 1000 ext 24


Attitash Bear Peak in Bartlett in Central New Hampshire is one
of the most popular summer destination resorts in New
England. Featuring Water and Alpine Slides, Horseback riding,
7500 sq. ft. Skate Park, Scenic Chairlift ride, Mountain biking
 and beginner terrain for Mountainboarding (no lift access).

The course consists of rollers and small Tabletop jump. New
terrain may be available later this summer at Attitash.
Intermediate Terrain Park with dirt features available next door
 at Bear Peak Resort (no lift access).

Open daily 10-6pm from Jun 16-Sep 3 and weekends only
11-5pm from Sep 8-Oct 8.

Rental costs for 2hr - $10, 4hr - $14, Full Day - $18 Rental
Price includes protective gear. (MBS Razors, Blades,
Grasshoppers, Reactor and Chargers).

 For more information call Attitash Rental Shop at
603-374-2368, or contact Jeff Jacobsen 603-374-2633.


Killington Resort in Central Vermont is one of the North East’s
premiere year-round resorts and boasts the longest ski
season in the Northeast. More importantly, it features the
longest lift serviced Mountainboard run in North America.

There are plenty of long sections for great carving, single
track, and lots of water bars for smooth take offs and
 landings. The 3.2 mile downhill run is challenging and is shared
by hikers and bikers. Brakes are required along with leash and
protective gear.

Rental costs for 2 hr - $10, 4 hr - $15, All Day - $25. (MBS
Razors, Blades, Grasshoppers, Reactor and Chargers)
Protective gear is included.

K1 Gondola runs weekends and holidays 10-5pm till June
24th, daily Jun 25- Sep 3 and weekends from Sep 8-October
14th. Half day Lift Tickets are valid 1-5pm - $25, All Day Lift
Ticket - $30.

You’ll definitely get your fill of riding at Killington and take
home a great memory of some epic riding. It is a long,
satisfying run that takes an average 30 minutes to descend to
the high speed Gondola (for a 12 minute ride back up). My
fastest run, bombing straight, holding the tightest line was
around 15 minutes. You’ll be impressed the sport of
Mountainboarding has reached this level to have a program
this nice.

For more information, call Killington’s Rental Shop at
802-422-6232 or 802-422-6200.
Dave Dutton at Out of Bounds - 802-422-8778.

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