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To go or not to go?
  That was the question. The first annual Boulder City Breakdown was nearing and I had no dough. The contest was nearly 700 miles away and I had to think fast. My buddy Josh was fired up for the trip, hoping that I could drive.
  If I wasn't going to drive, my mom was gonna take Josh and leave me behind because I was nowhere to be found, cuz I was working odd jobs to get some quick cash, little did anyone know. I show up at my mom's house the night before departure. That's when we started to get really fired up!
  If it wasn't for Josh's dad Bruce, we probably would've missed it. He printed some directions and kicked us some emergency cash. Now we were fully set.

   The next day we take off pretty early, it was a bit cloudy with off and on rain from Garberville to Sacto. it took us 13-14 hours to get there which we split up between two days. Around 5pm on April 20th, we show up in Boulder City,NV. , a day before the event.
  We drive a short distance finding the event site with no problems, but wait!, the terrain looks hard to ride. As I see a mountain boarder flying down the hill, I ask myself if this is the course. It obviously was with MBS Banners everywhere. Was there gonna be a hardwheels class? it seemed too rocky to race on.
  As we get our gear out of the car, Josh gives me a psycho facial-expression, my bones stiffen with fear. Was I ready for this?

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