As Josh rolls out
  of sight I started walking to the wooden roll-in section. 'This isn't too bad', I say to myself. As I clear my mind and focus on the rocks I had to dodge, I push off the 2x4 bannister and picked a line that seemed to be smooth. I fan through the first berm like the wind. A few people let out a shout as dust kicks up off the second berm. Same thing, not enough speed to hit the jump, i'll just have to roll it.
  As I pump over the two rollers that are supposed to be a double, I instantly gain speed. The ground is thick with dust so I go high on berms so I don't slow down. bingo! I made through those two berms, but the rocks instanly slow me down. I push a couple times to get over a roller which swoops down into a big wall-riding berm.

  This berm shoots you straight into a double, then into another berm, my legs are dead, I go over the roller and stop.