War is STILLnot healthy for children and other living things......

The conflict is one of ideals. How many people will be killed before we begin to understand war does not kill ideals.

Currently, the laws in the U.S. states a person may not take pre-emptive action against another just because one knows they are in imminent danger.

The Patriot Act of 2003 recently signed into American Law has stripped americans of several basic freedoms and many rights to privacy.
The legislation, is ``a wholesale assault on privacy, free speech and freedom of information." Anita Ramasastry, an assistant law professor at the University of Washington School of Law and associate director of the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce & Technology.

Mr. Bush is dictating his plans for Mid-East stability and refuses to recognize that fully half his constituents disagree with him.

When one dictates his own agenda and refuses to listen to his people, that one would usually be called a dictator.

Bush policy states that Iraq can not have or use WMD and will use any WMD it (the Bush administration) chooses to prevent Iraq from doing so.

Have you ever thought about how much fuel will be used to conduct this war?

It's scary indeed when the nightly news glorifies mothers who have left their infant children at home to go to a warzone for the purpose of killing another mother's child... in the name of Freedom??
The military invasion of Iraq used two million gallons of gasoline each and every day.
And that was jus the ground portion.
Who paid for this? Better still WHO DIDN'T PAY?
"In 2000, the last year for which records are available, 784 individuals with incomes of $200,000 or more paid no income tax, according to the state Franchise Tax Board. That was up a third from the prior year." From an article by Doug Smith, L.A. Times
 An alternative method of invading Iraq ;
If say, twenty, thirty thousand fun-loving Americans, armed with their dockers shorts and coolrayban sunglasses with the McBurgercheese nuggets and cell-phones and nifty little electronic gizmos and rock n roll and all that makes this country so fun and great and take Mr. Hussein up on his offer (during the 60 minutes interview w/ Dan Rather 3-08-'03) where he invited all and any of us to drop in and be treated as venerable guests so long as we are dressed in civilian clothes.
We could party them down with good old fashion country western line dancing and maybe sneak pinch of JD just to break the ice. Of course we could bring a zillion Gameboys and get 'em all a ga-ga about that while we show 'em what a pre-football tail-gate party is all about.
  For sure, they'd be interested in what wonders a small microwave oven can do. I mean, no more burning dung just to heat up a burrito or hotpocket or some cheesy things. Gallons of sody-pop and beer! U2, Bon JOvi, the Stones, Harry Connick jr. Indie Irie! ...and every type of device that plays them.

  And for real hardware, all we need bring is toys!, i.e. skateboards, mountainbikes, windsurfers, quads,, ya quads,, they'll really dig those, don't ya think? And all the other fun gizmos and gadgets we enjoy here in the states.

So ya, we just get our regular comfies on, grab a buncha our extreme toys and a full feedbag of our finest in fast food and all Americann selves and park it for a week or so in downtown Bagdahd. I mean, I hear that the Iraqi people are notoriously gracious and tolerant hosts in all the middle east.
We can show them we really mean no harm, we just want to have fun and progress into the 21st century with all the luxuries we can think of and maybe too, we could come back with a bit more familiarity with how we really obtain our precious supply of fuel and try to better respect it.

! In theory , the soldiers in Kuwait could don their "civvies" and just bring their toys and books instead of the weapons. By Iraqi custom , they (the "civilised" soldiers) must be greeted and treated as guests. Our men and women in service to their country are some fine examples of what it means to be American. What a great group to represent us if they would just do what they do when they are at home instead of how Mr. Bush wants them to present themselves.

Wouldn't it be swell if all the soldiers could get orders like that. I firmly believe we would be viewed much more positively if we were trying to kill them with kindness rather than just simply killing them.

?   Upon mere observation it is quite appearent that the one man who fears Saddam Hussein the most, not hates but fears, is G.W. Bush. For some reason known only to him and a select few he fears Hussein to a point of willingly sending armed forces to take him out.

  What does he really know that he can't actullly tell us? If the Iraqi gov't had all this weaponry for so very long as Bush claims, why then haven't they tried to use this stuff? The issue of containment is quite valid in that the last 12 years has proved out that Iraqi weapons are mostly show and have little substance. After all, if Saddam Hussein is the mad evil one so described by the Bush administration and he actually had the goods to deliver, he would've done so at his earliest opportunity.

  If the Iraqi situation were to be likened to a bad case of poison ivy then we could argue that Bush wishes to scratch it till it bleeds and then pick the scab. While most the rest of the planet would rather contain it with a salve and monitor it till it eventually fades.

  It's no small matter that many Arab leaders do not approve of MR. Hussein and his form of government though sadly enough they too are afraid to deal with him conclusively mainly because it would be a sign of weakness towards the west if they (the Arab leaders) insisted upon his removal from power.

If this war is such a "hard-sell" for the Bush administration, then logic would suggest the administration needs to re-think it's entire foreign policy regarding countries that harbour our enemies. If only to regain the support and understanding from the international communities. This business of shoving it down our throats is only creating more distance between the U.S. and it's friends and allies.

   How in the heck did Bush get in charge anyway??
I mean if you look at his work history you will see that he has never even had to apply for work. His first two jobs were given to him by his family connections. He was inserted into a high-level executive position of mainstay oil companies in Texas. Both companies have since gone belly-up while Bush was in charge. Ok, failing that the family got him a job as owner/operator of the Texas Rangrs baseball team. They suffered their worst seasons while Bush was at the helm.
  So, upon review we see that not only has Bush not even had to look for work in his lifetime, that all his opportunities were handed to him and nevertheless he botched everything he got his hands on. Now our economy is in shambles and he thinks it's ok to blow a trillion bucks we don't have to affect his private agenda!