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Recipe for Onion Pie


Stuff you need;

What to do

~ Voila! ~
onion pie yumm
Onion Pie !

The Onions

The onions should be large yellow or whites. The hotter the better. Ever buy onions that were just too hot to put into your sandwich or salad? Well, onion pie can take care of what to do with all those too-hot-to-eat-onions!

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Utensils and Bowls

It is important to note that metals of all kinds have a negative effect on onions. If you can, use a glass or ceramic mixing bowl and rubber or wooden mixing utensils. Try not to use a wooden mixing bowl as experience has showed that the onion and butter smell is difficult to wash out. My wood bowl was tainted for weeks afterward no matter how much soap I used.

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To Slice or dice

I have found that slicing the onions works best for this recipe as regards the overall flavor and consistency. Although dicing does work, avoid this method if possible.
Cutting the onion in half cross-wise and make thin slices as you would for a sandwich works best in the final product.

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Clear Onions

This term refers to cooking the onions in just-barely-melted butter in a frying skillet until they appear clear. if you brown the onions(Yumm!) they will NOT work for this recipe so, you may just have to get that liver out of the freezer and and enjoy your onions with that. I cannot stress enough, the importance of this aspect of the recipe.

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Cooling Onions

It is very important that you allow the onion-butter mixture to cool completely before adding the other ingredients. A key element here is to make sure that the eggs and flour do not cook whilst being blended into the mixture.
cooling times depend greatly on where you set the bowl with the clearonion-butter mixture. At normal room temps this may take up to an hour. If time is a factor, you can greatly speed up the process by folding the mixture every 15 minutes or so allowing the heat to escape from the interior portions.

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Temperature conversion calculator

Thanks go out to the folks at U.C. Berkeley Chem Dept. for their Temperature Conversion Calculator

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About ten minutes before the pie is done, sprinkling a small handful of parmesan cheese on the top of the pie will produce an attractive golden brown crisp, allowing for better presentation and more robust flavor.

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Additional notes

Please Note:Garlic does this recipe no good whatsoever trust this, don't waste the onions!
A cold slice of onion pie with Tabasco© is a surprisingly refreshing treat.
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